About the Author

Alexander Billinis is a Greek-American who has a lifelong interest in Byzantine history and its continuing, though little known, relevance to today’s world.  His point of view is greatly influenced by being part of the Diaspora, which makes him both an insider and outsider to the Balkan region where Byzantium’s successors experience a rather complicated and frustrating existence.  He has lived and worked in Bulgaria, Greece, and Serbia, and has traveled extensively to other countries that have had influence on the Balkans, including Turkey, Italy, Austria, and Hungary.  His interest in this area’s culture and history is balanced by the calculating analyses of an international banker, his career for more than a dozen years.  His work is equal parts history, travelogue, combined with political and economic observation and commentary.

A graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, Alexander Billinis majored in East European Studies just as the Communist bloc was in the process of dissolution, at a time when history and culture once again emerged over ideology.  He followed his studies with a semester at Budapest University of Economic Sciences and an internship in Sofia, Bulgaria.  He also earned advanced degrees in international business and law.

Working for various global banks took him and his family from Utah, to Chicago, to Athens, and to London.  He has written for various Diaspora Greek and Serbian publications in the US, Canada, Greece, and Australia.  He currently lives in Sombor, Serbia’s most architecturally beautiful city, with his Serbian-American wife and their two young children.  This is his first book.